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Extract any financial statements data for US listed companies, fast and easy! Speed up and scale up your analytics!

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • A powerful Excel Add-in that allows you to query any US financial statement submitted to SEC, directly in Excel
  • Generic function for all as-reported data points
  • More than 40 specialised functions and 18 financial ratios for standardised data points.
  • Access to financial reports data from thousands of US companies 
  • Check out performance trends - you can query all reported data for the past 10 years 
  • Most recent data - the SEC database is refreshed every 15 minutes
Your benefits:
  • Save time and effort - pull data in seconds
  • Reduce potential errors - no need to manually rekey the data 
  • Make quicker investment decisions - analyse and compare more companies in less time
  • Stay ahead of your competition - be the first to get the facts, as reported
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