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Do you still report your company’s public financial data in PDF format?

Manual reporting, compliance checks and PDF production can take weeks, depending on the size of your company and the complexity of its operations. 

LENSELL® can save you time and money by harnessing the power of XBRL – without XBRL expertise.

XBRL Reports is LENSELL's easy to use Excel-based tool for creating your public financial data in a digitally structured format using the latest IFRS reporting taxonomy for Australian entities.

Using the international eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), XBRL Reports helps you create and submit digital financial statements in Inline XBRL format (a.k.a. iXRBL) quickly and securely - without the need for any XBRL skills.

Providing your data in this way streamlines the reporting process and reports in iXBRL can be submitted to ASIC, ASX or other stakeholders without the need for lengthy PDF documentation.

This allows regulators, investors and analysts to easily access the information and pull it directly into their spreadsheets as soon as it’s uploaded.

Checkout the short  video below (00:01:12) to find out more.

Take advantage of LENSELL® to:

  • reduce the cost of compliance by providing a simple way to create and submit digital financial reports to ASIC, quickly and easily;
  • ​increase the chance of investment and trading by improving your visibility to analysts and potential investors;
  • ​free up your team for more value-added work by making reporting faster and more streamlined;
  • improve communication with your stakeholders with digital information that can be reported in different ways for different audiences;
  • meet sustainability goals by reducing the need for paper reporting.
You can also access your competitors' or other companies’ structured financial data* through the same platform with our data access tool, LENSELL® for Excel add-in.

This way, LENSELL® helps you:

  • make informed financial or strategic decisions more quickly.
  • become more visible to analysts and investors who use this tool to find financial information on public companies, industry benchmarks and economic indexes.​
*Subject to the availability of data uploaded by companies on LENSELL®.

"Once our 2018 financial results were uploaded to LENSELL we noticed an increase in the number of shares being traded, probably because more people could research us online..."
John D.
Senior Finance Manager, ASX listed company

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re still producing PDF reports for ASIC. How do we ensure we don’t miss any reporting deadlines?
ASIC accepts both PDF and digital iXBRL reports so you can run both until you’ve fully switched over.

As LENSELL® uses the XBRL standard - do we need any new software or training to use it?
No. The Excel based application has an user-friendly interface. That means the reporting accountant does not need to know XBRL at all. They just needs to be familiar with the IFRS-AU accounting standard so they can select the correct accounting concepts to report.

What do I get with my free trial?
You’ll receive instructions on how to create your account in a few simple steps, and 30 days to try out the LENSELL® reporting application and discover how easily digital reports in iXBRL can be created.

Note that the free trial acts as a sandbox great for learning how the app works, and it may not include all the functionality from the paid version.

How quickly can I start using XBRL Reports to create financial reports in iXBRL?
You can install the application in less than 10 minutes and start using the tool straight away.

How much does XBRL Reports access cost after the trial period?
Pricing to create digital financial reports on our LENSELL® platform is very affordable and it is based on company size and the functionality you need. 
Our packages start from only $249 per month ($2988 per financial year) per company. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What happens when my trial period ends?
We’ll be in touch to get your feedback and discuss pricing if you’d like to keep using the XBRL Reports tool to create digital financial reports in iXBRL.

What if I want to improve our visibility on financial markets but I we are not ready to report digitally to ASIC?
That is not a problem at all. The LENSELL® platform has other options to improve your company's financial discoverability online. Read more.

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