We are passionate about enabling easy access and data transparency for companies and corporate communication with the help of standardisation and digitalisation.

LENSELL® is the Global Platform for Corporate Performance Democratisation. 

We make financial and non-financial performance data and insights available to everyone interested - fast, easy and very affordable. 

LENSELL’s clever capabilities remove the cost and complexity of accessing corporate performance information, making it available to more people - faster and more efficiently, so they can make more informed decisions.

On LENSELL®, companies have access to tools and services to report on their financial and sustainability performance using open source international standards such as XBRL or LEI.

The public disclosures data is made available online to any investor and analyst around the world in minutes. This way, LENSELL® helps companies boost their discoverability on the financial markets and connect with millions of potential investors around the world

For investors and analysts, LENSELL® provides a suite of tools that make access to standardised financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy and very affordable. 

From direct data access to sustainability apps and intelligent portfolio management tools, we democratise innovative insights and support professional and retail investors and analysts alike.



Granular Portfolio Diversification Explorer

Research shows that highly-diversified portfolios are more resilient to market volatility and can increase the stability of portfolio returns over time. 

Excellent diversification is achieved by selecting securities that have a weak correlation of the returns or, even better, by selecting securities whose returns are not correlated at all.

Diversiview™ is an easy to use cloud-based tool that helps you visualise the granular diversification of your portfolio.
You can check out the strength of the correlations between hundreds of ASX listed stocks, ETFs and bonds, as well as their volatility, average return and Beta values.

Diversiview™ is free forever for up to 5 securities.


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Direct access to millions of US financial statements data points - directly in Excel.

Automated data access can power fast, complex, and scalable financial analysis.

Our Excel Add-in provides investors with direct access to structured information from SEC.gov that includes all data contained in the US financial statements and footnotes. 

Get the latest disclosures from over 9000 US companies, plus more than 10 years of historical data.

A visual explorer of polluting facilities in Australia.

Do you want to know who is polluting around you?

Do you want to know which Australian companies match positive financial returns with a positive environmental impact?

POLAIRIS™ is a free cloud-based app that allows users to search and view polluting facilities all around Australia, and learn more about the toxic substances they emit.



Boost your company's visibility on the financial markets.

In the age of digitalisation and AI, investors are tech savvy and expect to find the information they need online - fast and easy. 

Are your company's financial and non-financial performance results easily discoverable 24/7?

We help companies boost their visibility on the international financial markets with the help of digital reporting.

Online Digital Financial Reports Builder

LEI Registration

Apply, renew or transfer a LEI

Global LEI (Legal Entity Identifiers) improve transparency and trust in any local or global inter-organisational transaction by uniquely identifying the legal entities entering the transaction. 

Initiated by G20 and FSB after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, LEI is required and promoted by regulators around the world.

We have partnered with LEI Register OÜ to enable fast, easy and affordable LEI registrations in Australia.

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