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Worried about exposure to pollution?
Almost 5000 Australians die from exposure to air pollution each year. 
Thousands of others suffer health effects like stroke, heart disease and asthma (EJA,2020).
We're here to help
POLAIRIS™ is a free application that allows you to search and visualise polluting facilities around your home or workplace, anywhere in Australia. 

Learn about the health and environmental effects of over 93 toxic substances that may be emitted around you.

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"It’s very important to me to know what toxic chemicals are in my neighbourhood. I’m thankful the POLAIRIS app makes this information accessible and easy for me to understand” 
- Sarah, Abbotsford. 

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POLAIRIS™ uses the open data from the Australian National Pollutant Inventory. NPI contains annual reports from over 4000 facilities in Australia that pollute over certain thresholds. Reporting is mandatory for companies, for 93 toxic substances.
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